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Friday, April 10, 2015

An Emporium '$ new WHAT!?!

Words are very important. Meanings should be honest and concise. Calling someone something that's not nice and usually untrue may hurt the feelings as the name caller intended as inspired but it doesn't have to be that way. We fall down and get hurt not expecting life to be an untainted heaven of perfection, as has been rebutted at me for wanting that honesty, as if it's too much to ask for while false promises are still being made, which I do not accept.
Yes, throwing objects could hurt others physically but sometimes a broken bone or torn flesh can mend quicker than years and years of name calling and lies, except for when the trauma of physical attack could outweigh if not equal such harm. It just takes a well placed word or two to do damage or fix the problem but only if EVERYONE is listening and capable. They've got to motivate themselves with the understanding and not give up their honest potential to the traditions of being subjects to bad ideas that need the popo to grab a plunger...

There's this magical cloth that everyone is said to have that's to be kept clean and shine, though it seems like no one is doing this, not those that most insist on it anyway. Now if you're lucky enough to believe in this magical cloth and convince everyone else that yours is cleaner than theirs, especially because those with the cleanest cloths they say are clean because they say so if they say there's a magical cleaning agent in the sky that automatically keeps them clean because they said so, more than the average others, these people win entry into a wondrous magical place when they give up the ghost. Even though most people aren't sure how to agree on how to define this magical cloth, where it comes from, where it's kept, how to keep it pristine, exactly, it is a major source of concern.
Other people worry about the magic cloths of others and are willing to fight and kill over it or risk getting their own magic cloth dirty in manipulating others to fight and kill over... the tarnishing of other magic cloths. I would think that everyone should see how such actions would soil the magic cloths as those that assure us that we do have them and they must be so very clean... are mostly leading trumpet charges into mud fights and far flung poo...
Some say that there are creatures that are smarter and stronger than human yet not having their own alleged magic cloths, they want to take and soil what they can. It's preached that "ALL acknowledge a magical cloth giver of total wisdom and power..." yet disputes are not magically resolved even and especially when this magic cloth giver is used without actually doing anything. So these allged creatures allegedly want these magic cloths even though they aren't visible cloths, and the creatures aren't visible, have no weight or real substance, are somehow more of a secret to the magic cloth holders than those that allege to know all about it, while we spin on a six thousand year old turtle in the center of space... Whatever these creatures they speak of could want someone's magic cloth for also remains a mystery, like anyone can really eat an imagined cake where the only substenance is as thin a fleeting thought.
I'm not takikng anyone's word for it for as much as a grain of salt, especially if the "foundation" of this "knowledge" comes from those that have always made stuff up with motives, even without being supported by an actual giant 6 thousand year old or whatever turtle in the center of space and all that.
It's a bully of a system to intimidate and all the white satin and gold and silver trim in the world is not going to hide the filth that followers of certain magic cloth followings refuse to see as they ignore it.
Also, if their idea of clean means hiding their child porn, should I play in the dirt more? Somehow, I'd rather just do my own dusty thing and not worry about comparing my evil deeds to their shiny goodness.

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