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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Being redundant...

Sometimes, something will happen. There's an urge to comment or make a joke, either a stupid joke or a thoughtful one that gets repressed as it's mulled over a second longer. The moment was there. It gets passed up. Someone else says it. It may not even be what the small or large group of a bunch of people and their dog would be willing to admit to thinking. And sometimes others say, "That's exactly what I was thinking!"
Sometimes something will happen. Then there's an urge to put a fist through someone's skull or at least gently push that someone down... a flight of stairs ...That thought. is strongly. repressed, only to hear that it happened elsewhere, a short time later... And couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Or maybe it could. It seems horrible things happen to nice people all the time, despite anyones belief system.
Knowing when a phone will ring and who has called, not getting on that airplane for the feeling that angels are waving at you not to, not eating that iffy smelling tuna salad. Well, the last one is obvious.
Science has proved that brains generate waves in this ocean of air we breathe and and are smothered in by harmful thoughts of others outnumbering any good thoughts. A feminine side and a masculine side urged by institutionalizing entities. to fight over false dominance. As matter with organs and brains that function on their own volition, chemically, living bodies absorb all sorts of cues, patterns like snowflakes forming knowledge in that crystalline growth accumulating information unmeasured.
It's been said that hypnosis can help people lose weight, quit smoking or burn themselves by touching a normal temperature plastic pen or freeze their hands on a warm wooden pencil. The things that any subconscious mind might be able to accomplish for the betterment of self or/and all if only we weren't held back by strange notions intended to harm, as it's said to be for everyones own good that assuming-self leaders spend resources that kill.... Machines, pollution, explosions, toxins...
When I was a child that believed anything was possible because that was told to me, and promised, I hoped, prayed and wish on my awful birthday cakes for things to be that certain way that I thought would make everyone happy, in the same way there are still people that would wish for world peace in this world where so many people want to be the good versus evil, to war on and win against, longing to end a sucker punch in their own broken -in backdoor debasements. So many trojan horses gallop untethered.
I had some daydreams of being a scientist and inventing a box that could deconstruct trash into instant energy and my desire (evil as I was and that no one knew the depths of my depravity ) was to give this to everyone. Praying, hoping and wishing on my horrible birthday candle blowing no wish that ever happened... How can the magical wonders of childhood not be disappointing and why would people do that to children unless there was some sickness the actions and beliefs serve. So that did not help in my search to be smart for science and of course,neither does that poor belief of there being things only a god could know. If there's anything that any world needs, it's to not wait for a god to wipe our... noses. You cannot be responsible for yourself or a soul if you're waiting for a god to tell you what to do while the leaders are in the barn having orgies with your expencive teddy bear collection. It's enough to put someone out of their mind until they start to float away.. So if someone is out of their mind with the mental stresses that a god does not put more on people than they can handle, allegedly, their levitation is either godly or demonic. It couldn't possibly be because of unstudied mysteries of the subconscious mind, in the brain/body that functions chemically to achieve life and a will to live, the natural cultivation to survive even when voices that say othernonwise of what is preached. Saying that there are things that only god should know is saying we are all to stick our fingers into wall outlets as if only god is to know what will happen.
I do not suppose that I'm the first to suggest that reasonable counter debates needs to be repeated as much as zealots repeat singing useless praises that worsen these religious infections. Only Only charlatans claim the lack of their own comprehension is a gift.
Everyone could deepen their own understanding of their own subconscious, except that many preconceived notions must first be discarded. If something wasn't true to begin with, is anything being lost or stolen?. If there's pain, it's from ripping the lie out and looking at it for what it is, not worth anything for all the time and energy of devotion that other people that should not have been trusted took..
The deeper you go into this uncharted sea, the more you know of its innocence in the depth that requires acclimation. There are levels in altitude above sea level. It's basically the same t thing. Distractions have probably made this make less sense than what I handwrote. If there are no comments to the contrary I'll know I'm reasonably understood... And so, All environments affect the way of thinking. They even show their onion layers when you look at fog on different ground levels, like deeper oceans under water, how smoke flattens out from a chimney or drifts as a splotchy cloud of insects.
I've heard that crazy people can drive sane people bananas. Yet some people think that if a psychiatric "professional expert" claims to have seen any levitations and other phenomenon, that it prooves there are demons that possess in that in that religious way, like those accused of being witches were really demon fornicating witches with unwholesome powers they never used so that they could be killed by "righteous " witch hunters.
Maybe the shrinks have gone shrunken head bananas or are just trying to sell what they can for the calling, if they think their religion could use the inspired help.
I've heard masses of people can share hallucinations and I've seen that such is possible. Besides moldy bread and bad ideas that have groups killing each other and with the lead, lickable frogs and amount of mercury exposed to dry windy elements. of evaporated spore-like qualities and the breeding of mushrooms and unchecked thoughts because an institution claims the monopoly on high strangeness, it's not likely we'll be in control of ourselves anytime soon, or our own consciousness or have any true free will.
Oh, it seems there's much exposed mercury. in and around places where unbelievable sightings occur quite frequently. And besides so many other toxins imbibed within and without the so called food chain, suggestions made to people under those influences that attack mind, body, and subconscious, under the influence of any material that would be hazardous. if you aren't aware of what made you dizzy, lightheaded with heavy feet, twitchings and bouncing into invisible realm boulders of odd shapes that were not there. a moment ago and somebody really is out to get you besides just anything leading to limitations, feelings of being watched and all can seem real because they sometimes are.
Deviating from my rough, this had better make sense.
Oh no, I've misplaced my other page!

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