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Sunday, March 15, 2015

If brainwaves are real then thought becomes matter...

...and the subconscious is under unconscious attack.

Since the first "enlightened" splitting of that first amoeba what's future generations of triple double negatives would later become the varieties of life, including monkeys that would later have mutated offspring that later become humans, ALL material life sheds materials, whether a meal becomes excrement, pain forms tears dripping from eyes, exertion causes perspiration, the mysterious mind of which intellect supposedly forms has thoughts and dreams that move through air like a current in water or mist in a breeze, fog from moist ground or ocean sprays fanning outward, bouncing off of some objects or other thoughts or being absorbed by others with stronger densities. Science is a physical matter from our earliest primordial darkness.

It's claimed that the light of spirituality has consciousness and strength superior to the material it divides to be host to it, using emotions of fear or ecstasy to punish or reward its captives from within. It hasn't perfected the techniques to fool and betray the hand that feeds it the very life being taken, as any parasite that feeds off the host. There is still life on this planet they pray to an alleged superior to destroy.
Chemical reactions, hallucinations, the puppeteering of bodily functions promote degradations towards accepting that demons made by god or satan exist and are after souls or that angels can rescue the victims, if offerings are made. If spirit is real, then it is material also, to be able to manipulate. Religion comes into being so that a weakened host can be given meaning, for to give proof of worthiness in that weakness and follow the deadly, mortal directions of voices that command death, against strangers, their own children, against themselves.. Why else would they've opened themselves and whoever to worsen their diseases with self-whooping, walking barefoot to let the feet get cut up and infected, fasting and overwork until exhaustion screams night hags in their ears and on their chests...

Their bodies know something is terribly wrong but the damage messes with the gut/mind communications... devils is the only answer they'll accept as they program themselves with prayer to be ever weaker and needy... like a humanized god would want to take care of weak and needy people that look more and more fried to go with that bacon cologne.

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