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Friday, March 13, 2015

Not writing the days as they blend in the black of my zebra crumbed coffee...

I don't know why reading about cockfights and such would make me think of my alleged siblings and how our christian parents sicked us against each other, to be kicked in the throat and in turn, kick a crotch, nearly losing an eye and being strangled until the only thing that stops the fight is who puked on who first. It was what it was. We'd wash for dinner and someone said grace.
So many people "feel" safe if they think they're in a safe environment. It seems if they're religious, they think a god or angels, whatever, protects them, it seems. It's irrelevant that hearing of death for an hour or more every Sunday, it just doesn't seem to stop them from being nasty to whoever they're inspired to be nasty to. I wonder, if someone broke into their homes late at night and woke them up by hitting a staticy balloon in the face, no matter how bizarre the intruder looked or if the intruder was more frightened of the lady of the house for all the skin creams she'd have on her face, would the accosted not remember? Would the assaulted be so surprised that their fragile brains would make something up or replace the memory with something seemingly more tolerable?
I think if some stupid clown broke into my cardboard animal cracker box to molest me with a balloon or something else, something worse, I'd freaking well remember it.
Sometimes people are believed when some jerk in a costume does something. Sometimes these stories are made up by attention seekers or schizophrenics, etc. I'd rather be known for honesty than for the attention that many unfortunates that don't consider or care how history views them. Not that history will know me, I thank me. I shall never remember the name of that guy that killed some other guy for the fame of it. But I'll always remember a big dog bursting through a screen to maul me. I had been humming to myself. I'm told I attracted the attack.
Short of brain injuries caused on purpose or by accident, it will never be plausible that a brain would betray itself by making stuff up to fill in strange gaps that should not be artificially filled and should simply not be there. Fuzzy memory? Seemed like a dream? Ever work out a puzzle? Sleep paralysis is also not natural. I've almost always been partially conscious of moving to relieve stiffness while sleeping, waking with mild pins and needles, shaking an arm or a foot, going back to sleep. I've also woken suddenly with a feeling of about to be jumped on to find a spider on the ceiling above my head, no longer bothered by an older sibling wanting something like some sanity or whatever. It would be nice to be so comfortable that there would never be a need to move. Unfortunately, you need to move. Laying still too long causes soreness.
Which brings me back to home intruders. If they're human, you're up and running. If it's a bear or some type of animal, you're up and running. If you're telling the truth then people should believe you. There will be evidence, somewhere. But that clown with the long narrow balloon that was not twisted into animal shapes for anyone's amusement but the clown's, do you know what I'm saying. (hear the echo with me) A-L-I-E-N-S. And a little bit of nasty I read about, of sci-fi aliens that I still consider illegal, if they're real, if I've got to buy an i.d. card or driver's license, those expletives should also. Sorry I can't remember the source of where I read this...
"They harvest memories through our eyes...?"
They "wait for us to breed out aggression ...?"
Are "collecting massive amounts of information ..."???
For some people, these aliens only observe, while "taking ideas and implanting ideas..."??????
There may be some paraphrasing but I've heard this many times before from many others.
Taking and implanting is NOT "just" observation. That's a mental something-handling, if not man-handling. That's violating a brain, a mind, the body, which the two are still somewhat connected to some bodies . It's MANIPULATIONS . The sort that psychos assume.
I've come to see these noncredible "super advanced and superior life forms" as nothing more the the charlatry of psychic /medium/spiritualists. They're all clowns waiting to hit you in the face with a balloon or worse... give everyone a cream pie/pearl necklace.
Any psychic that never mentions a body has no need for spirits, the parasites driving the most vile inspirational brainwaves... Any alien thinking that cripples an infant or animal in the ways that has been done and then say. "grow up..." as people say of humanity with the god of various institutions that argue against change, argue against evolving, fighting to stay as it perfectly is... They are parasitic intruders with pies to lob, pies with hidden bricks.
And "bless" their putrified hearts, they do look like clowns too! I was angry when I wrote this on paper. At least I'm not responsible for a satan, as I sometimes joke. These are just thoughts that may not be my own. There is no forgetting that, maybe.
Aggression is bred into everything as a positive spiritual and religious "thang" , if people want to play that good versus evil game of war with their own demony dark sides they're taught to hate with guilt and try to conquer.
That's how I was taught in churches where ever we were sent. If anyone was learning anything "spiritually " the way it's expected, it should all be done already .
But it's not.
The same things are still going on "under god's unchanging love."

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