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Monday, March 9, 2015

But I don't wanna hibernate...

I've been eating something hot recently and the pains of it hasn't been going away. There were days when I could eat two whole zebras for breakfast, which usually was really lunch if I got up past noon after being up reeaallly, really late doing things. Then two zebras dwindled down to one, then half of one. Then I didn't want zebras for breakfast or lunch. Or dessert .
I did eat other, more healthy - wholesome.- things, fruit and vegetables. Real food does make a body feel better. Better than non-food. I'm.lucky I can eat nuts but crunchy things tend to hurt my seemingly pepper stripped mouth. It's become a craving though, as I've been searching for something to give me more energy.
So sleepy lately. Putting vinegar in some food is not much help, especially when I have some sitting in a cup I forgot and poured my coffee into.
Oh - my - mouth... That was as bad as brushing my teeth andtaking a thirsty sip of orange juice. I tried to finish my coffee, didn't want to waste it but the vinegar got thicker towards the bottom of the cup. I had drunk half and then the smell of it was too much.
I want to go through my paper bundle notebooks and find the weird and nearly fun stuff. Maybe when the weather's warmer. Almost there. If I'm still around.
I've not been reading about links as I should. This touchscreen thing wants to act like simple things are complicated. Yeah, it's all the inanimate object's fault... as I ferget something and take another awful sip.

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