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Saturday, January 31, 2015

My forgotten lore...

I hadn't felt such fear since my sleep paralysis days. Will/would it be easy to blog, to sign in the next day after signing out? I thought I had written all the important info down. But, I never saw an area for the password. How I missed that, I just don't know. Maybe I need to squint more? Well, there are my typical distractions, errors, connection failed... I had forgotten to play with myself in pretending to be having a good time, as the vague manual for this device suggested, along with, "have fun" I can still hear my frustrated grunts of disapproval.. The following was written with the "maybe" intention of submitting it elsewhere before stumbling onto my own blogsite that I'm still reading and trying to understand. It was the length of this that put me off even tho their comment sections did have some long comments. So these circumstances spring forth, complete with the possible spelling and punctuation errors I may be about to make. AND I USED THE SPACEBAR! NOT SPACEBAT! I am an introverted ex-cult child of the 1970's that's been told I rant and make no sense,among other of their compliments... So I AM an evil sloth,okay. So far so good, baby steps. I've seen a few strange things. I even have a witness for some. But what I want to talk about first, or write, are gremlins. I have a theory about why, in recent years I'm having much trouble with my technolgical devices and appliances that keep me from being able to do what others seem to find so easy, it seems. This is a years long experience. Tho I may have astigmatism, it'd not like I see anything more than those annoying darting shadows, not like seeing the top of what looked like a near pointy head taking two or three steps behind a travel trailer into the night shadows down the street, where the top of the head seemed to be taller than the roof of the trailer... It could have been a bigfoot for all I know. That's quite a height. for an average person to be seen past. And the fairy that I saw may have been a hallucination for what I consider typical reasons, mushroom spores from this swamp I'm momentarily stuck in or electromagnetic leakage from used and unused appliances... But yarn darning if I could've been published in a real live book last year and the year before on some short stories I wrote to be included into an anthology that seemed to prefer this horrible new way. of collecting their stories. Call me old fashioned for preferring.a functioning word processor and the post office. And yarn darning if I could just remember now what it was the editor called this submittance process. He told me to email my short story to his ipad. I did. My device said "message sent". And having studied as much of as little as my crossed wires encased in plastic would let me and like, of journalistic style manners such as not harrassing an editor as to whether or not he had received my short story, liked it and would use it, I waited anxiously until after the due date to receive no word on it until I gave in and asked a week later. He had never even received it... Around that time I was having trouble sending and receiving my own texts, emails, pictures, video. Messages of "Unsendable" and such or "sim initializing" ... Even looking it up, what does that even mean!?!There was plenty of memorythere came atme"INSUFFICIENT MEMORY"And it's hard to find most of tthe terms, symbols, icons I look up, things that should be IN THE MANUAL... IT gave me the knowledge that I'm not responcible for any faulty technology and that has it written, "explore and have fun," and then tells you , "you cannot do that", on options that are right there but somehow not to be used. Even customer service said that options weren't designed to be options! I've been writing and stuff for years in notebooks that are beginning to crowd me so I crowded myself even more drawing a comic about it and guess what, I can't even put it on a certain art website that I can no longer abuse myself of properly. I like reading manuals and understanding them. I read the terms and conditions and then do as others do, my own thing. If the server really is not connecting and I can't find my way out of deadzones, what am I to do? ? Lighting incense seems to help as it is a disperser of energy. Certain noises work and what I've already mentioned. And some days and functions never work. Heat and ash of incense is something for another page. I'm getting bothered this is getting to long when I could keep going, IF I COULD JUST SEE WHAT I'M TYPING! This is as bad as typing class and I just know there's gonna be nightmares coming to me of those good ole' school days. But back to the problem at hand. I've got a witness that saw something at the same time I did and we weren't really paying attention at first. To me, it looked like a coy? An invisible fish, like a steam fume swimming into a ball and rolling out of the television. It took me a moment after it steamed away, to process. Then I asked my fellow sloth, "did you see that?" To which my fellow sloth said, "I saw something." With emphasis on something. Most likely it was some harmless energy surge because nothing happened and we continue to watch this one working tv. Makes me wonder if it's all Buggs Bunny's fault when he wrestled with gremlins on that airplane. I saw that cartoon more than once as an "impressionable" child absorbing spongey matters into the subconscious dark. This is almost getting fun and I can't wait to write and post my next piece , where ever I go and however I get there.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


OH,MY BACK! This is so new to me. And thinking about it, how I got here was,I thought I'd try leaving a comment under something about Todd Sees at Sagesigma Unbound, I believe that was. I almost couldn't read that,the dark colors blended brightly in their darkness. So, somehow, that led to Blogger and I wasn't sure my comment was or would be posted until it was done. It felt like, "YOU CAN'T LEAVE A COMMENT UNTIL YOU DO THIS SOMETHING FIRST! DO IT! DO IT NOW!" It was a struggle to set up whatever might've been set up and then I tried to go back. Lately, I've been swiped off with unwanted "Updating". I had made a few comments on some Who Forted?blogs, forgetting the number 4 behind evilsloth and wondering only recently if it mattered. I figure, thars many John Smiths in the world and anonymity is my preferred objective with whatever I do. But sometimes being subtle is too vague. Yet I must not unleash my full foolish evil onto the world. Not yet,at least. And so, I went back to the blogspot to try to figure out how to use it. And... It was a struggle. Tiny keyboard for my slothful claw digits and a difficult way to view what I write, trying to correct mistakes as I made them and so many mistakes got and most likely get past me as my back began burning from the effort, straining to finish with the flimsy hope that I would not be cut off with "Updating" or worse. I had forgotten the little mishaps that happen less if I pretend to be in a good mood. Likewise, if I'm in a bad mood the technical mishaps are more frequent! GREMLINS!They got me again in trying to edit my "2015" I was positive was correct the first time, among punctuation and spelling errors. I had added a few sentences that did not get added. "Oh, I see so many mistakes that are so hard to correct on this... makes me really dislike writing but I've got to do it. It helped Hawkeye on MASH and it sort of helps me." It's bad enough that I'm technically challenged and have been told by many, "what do ya wanna learn that fer anyway?" So they could then say, "what're yew doin'with yer life, ya lazy no good evil sloth, you!" And all I can say is :P . "I'm not perfect and won't pretend it. I'm gonna have more fun not being a little zombie puppet, some day." And when that happens or when I accomplish.that, I'll be in my tree, probably still deciphering that 3rd party URL mystery, or whatever.


I had no idea I had a blogging account since July 2014! It's now near the end of January evil, sloth,gremlins,201 and traumas from last year alone are slowly loosening their brittle hold. Still recovering from 20 years of poor quality family programming... for the last 25 years or so, however old I am, doesn't BEAR thinking on, though flashbacks can't be stopped, unless you concentrate hard,which is how I try to think, never having been taught to do this, especially critically. And so I learn what I can, tho it be too slow for my liking. More solitude would be nice. A manual would be great! Even better, if I could really focus on thes e tiny letters... I've got so many notebooks of handwritten stuff on odd things and odder thoughts, I've. been told. I plan to post every day, deadzone permitting, or every other day as I learn the options given when they are allowed. In the meantime, I'm about to have company with another evil sloth that's not as evil as me. I've. got to get my alleged wits together and see if this goes through. WARNING: my future writing may get quite long winded.