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Saturday, April 18, 2015

funny long story made short but still long for those with short attention spans and it's less funny...

A mother figure was allegedly reading a book about a house famed to be haunted.
At the same time, her oldest daughter that knew when a bike was being stolen, because. of the alleged vision of it,during a move, among other small things, saw evil red glowing eyes through the window and screamed bloody murder, allegedly.
And so mother figure puts the book down, leaving off from the part of the ghostly demon pig with red glowing eyes and looking in the window malevolently at the mother in the book as the mother figue goes to have a look-see at what her troublesome daughter was up to.
That's where I come in, because it had gotten dark, to find the oldest daughter sobbing and her mother, for some inexplicable reason, not wanting to explain this mental brain wave connection that she'd rather forget about and pray that it won't hold up her spiritually evolution or rather, lack of it.
There's a much longer version of the why of it that I have a rough draft of, if anyone could possibly be interested, as it explains my own useless visions of things missing or appearing and things other people were reading. I thought about the compulsions of whether or not it was a good idea to explain my theory of irrational feelings that some villainous character was going to try to kill me, hit me with a car or shoot me with a gun.
Lo and behold, someone I knew happened to be reading about the fictional villain I described and was looking over my shoulder for. So the paranoia was real but the cause for it was just a brain wave of a stupid book (or movie, even!) which is another long short long story..
It's just some experience that prooves to me that demons are not "real" and I do not believe in things made up by those with and from the rotten foundations of tempering out for false gain.

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  1. I just cannot believe the mistakes that pop out after trying to proofread and then touching publish! XD