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Monday, April 20, 2015

It's still that funny long story that's too short, after all, for those with an okay attention span.

I came in just after twilight. Alleged older sister was sobbing over some mysteriously tragic event. Maybe she'd fallen and hurt herself again, as she was prone to, or had been "bad", caught and whooped with "dad's" leather belt...
She was crying too hard for me to ask her anything and get an answer that wasn't inaudible for the inevitable hiccups, left me thinking the worst... bein' perty n alll.. So I went to the mother figure and asked, "what happened?"
As I remember it, I think she started off, "Nothing, don't worry about it." That level of hysteria wasn't nothing. Of course something happened. I asked, "did she fall down and get hurt again?"
"No, don't worry about it. I'll tell you later."
"Did she do something? Is she in trouble? Did she get punished?"
"No. I'll tell you later. Go watch television."
I didn't understand why the woman wouldn't just say what's what. "Are you taking her to the hospital again for stitches?" ...Or something like that. I just kept asking questions like a toddler, though I was almost ten and she kept saying, "I'll tell you later." More than a couple of times. But then she finally revealed that she had been reading about thatallegedly famous haunted house where red glowing eyes were said to have menaced through a window... and the oldest alleged sister that was sobbing so hard believed that she saw red glowing menacing demon eyes through her own window.
"Oh." Then I went to go watch tv and wait for the sobbing older alleged sister to calm down enough that other questions could be asked. It was a cartoonish nonadventure. That's it. Not much longer than the short version, after all.
So which is better?


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