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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

If I can understand myself then what could POSSIBLY be the problem...

Years ago, I tried my hands at dowsing more than a few times. I tried using the rods to answer yes and no questions; if I had a spirit guide (before I saw possible spirits as parasites),if it had something to tell me, if there was an easy quick way to go west and stare at rocks until they move... The results were inconclusive. Zilch. Those rods swing about really too easily fast in the suggested loose grip. It took moments to accustom myself
as I tried for winning lottery numbers. Nothing. I tried an experiment where I told an acquaintance that's a wrestling fan and must've been thinking of wrestling as I told him to hide some quarters under some pumpkin sized river rocks in the yard and to nott tell me where they were. I explained to him my theory that dowsing rods, like a talking board or tarot cards, connects to the dark matter of the subconscious that is aware of everything that learns us through our senses we learn from to even have a mind to seek reason or wisdom and that if I could learn to consciously connect or reconnect what divisions had occurred, to gain my know-all subconcious, then I'd finally be able to figure out an easy way to go west and stare at rocks until they move.
I said to him that I'm gonna ask the question outloud but he was to ignore me, say nothing and just be a witness. When I finally got the rods straight and calm and I was focused and ready, I said to myself outloud, "Is there a quarter under this rock?"
And my acquaintance answered surely, "No."
I turned to him and said, "don't answer me. I'm not asking you. I'm asking myself ." I remember thinking that my christian acquaintances would be calling this witchcraft and be trying to hurl these big river rocks at me, not even getting flung as close as my feet and I started to smile. They're big little pumpkin sized river rocks that I asked him to line up with about 3 foot spaces inbetween..
I may not be using the rods "correctly" but this was my experiment to see what's what. It's not a great start, middle or finish but...
So I went to the next rock. "Is there a quarter under this rock?"
"No." Just as quickly, he answered .
I turned towards him chuckling. How could he not understand my simple yet specific instruction of "do not answer me..."?
I explained again how I'm asking myself these questions and again, just be a silent witness.
On to the next rock, stilling the spinning rods and trying to remain focused. "Is there a quarter under this rock?"
"Umm, yes."
Now I'm laughing, hard, which is bad for my lungs. I don't understand why I'm not understood. I can barely get out, "SHUT UP BLEEP-IT!"
My experiment was a brilliant failure and we both laughed and laughed. I'm not sure if he understood what I found funny or if I could ever truly understand if he finally did in the end but I put the rods away as I had the talking board and tarot, useless diversions that they are. $1.50 in quarters had been hidden, I believe it was. I guess I'm like.Wyl E. Coyote, or however you spell it, trying something that doesn't work and setting it aside for the next thing, having lost my focus to concentrate on finding something by strengthening a conscious connection to my subconscious .
After explaining after the third try I think he finally understood but it shouldn't have been so hard. This was years ago, I think I wrote about it before the Sandy flood and not finding those notebooks... or did I just think of looking for them without actually looking for them...
The rods spun, crossed, danced. They didn't cross, spin, dance. There was a quarter, there wasn't a quarter. I can't remember photographically but should. Having a photographic memory was a wish I blew birthday candles out over.

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