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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

a test page

As far as I know, I've never seen a gremlin. I have seen Gremlins, the movie and parts 2 and 3. That was so many years ago, before these problems really got noticeable. I have my gut feeling it's a "vibe" thing caused by my previous acceptance of spirituality of.which I've been trying to shed, which would be dangerous if that causes poltergeist happenings. Religion did it's dirty job of programming me to be evil for the focus of their. own problems in the unhealthy-ness of their beloved sins, since their idea of good is the opposite of my idea. They have no inkling of the problem with mingling around and giving tithes to corrupters that assume the false authority the faithful just give them, they put over them, pretending there's a god and worse... If any of them truly believed what they say, they would not lie, EVER or do any of the things they say.are bad... (with the wisdoms of said god there would be no hypocrisy ...) Why they're so against a new idea, as I guess atheism is to them when they keep acting like it's come from out of nowhere and they confuse it with devil worship. But I think atheism would most likely not even exist if not for the parasitic spirituality of religion. It's a poor sarcasm that I'll apologize to a stranger that hasn't yelled at me to flashback over the imagery of others, for me or anyone to burn in hell as they seem to want to with their dwelling on it and that do unto others... because I did not comprehend back then that children are expected to automatically know to get on their knees and allow vile communions to be put into them without asking. Not that asking is good. But they still use war words of "submit or perish". An apology from them would never be enough if they're going to keep doing this religious crack. They've got to stop themselves like with a 12 step program that works for them to stop themselves or their spiritual desire for destruction will be the finish of them, not just their physical bodies they're taught to hate.. Slowly or quickly, they keep killing themselves for their faith, killing eachother and they say "but what's wrong here besides you? We're the good guys. and it's our god given preemptive right to suckerpunch and attack when and where ever, however we feel like... if god did say to take, ravish, destroy... who needs a satan or devils and the possessions that come with spiritual inspirations.


  1. This has been an interesting read. I remember my visits to the local church. Not of my liking. Glad it was never pushed upon me.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I hope that reading my words does not demonically possess you, as I'm said to be demonically possessed:)